Palma.—I wonder if any music lovers in Majorca would be interested in helping to save a famous musical instrument which is in danger of ending up on the scrap heap! The instrument in question is a famous Cinema Organ which came from the Regal Cinema (later the Odeon) in Newcastle (UK). It was built and installed in the 1930's when cinema organs were all the rage.

The instrument was quite famous in its day and for many years entertained the 1500 cinema goers in the Regal.
It also starred in the BBC Radio's many programmes featuring the Cinema Organ and famous organists.
The organ was removed from the cinema in 1969 and was shipped to Majorca at that time by a friend of mine who had a house near Palma.
He died several years ago and the family now want to convert the house and build a new kitchen where the organ pipes are.
So,... the famous instrument has to find a new home. This is the only surviving cinema pipe organ in all of Spain and the Balearics! I have collection of cinema organs here in the UK and have been offered this instrument.

However, it has to be removed by the first week in March.
Ideally, I would like to keep it on the Island as I want to eventually move here and wonder if any museum, theatre, church, gallery, restaurant or even house could provide a home for it.

It is a Compton three manual (keyboards), six rank organ complete with percussions and drums etc. All suggestions or offers of help, storage etc. would be so gratefully accepted.

To store the organ would require a space about the size of a domestic garage.
I really hope you can help here with this important piece of Spanish history.
If anyone can help, please contact me at or calls me on 00 44 1620 829048.