The National Police Murder squad yesterday opened a full investigation into the violent assault on a trader in Olivar market.
Palma.—The attack happened late yesterday morning, just after mid day when a market trader left his stall briefly to go to the toilet.
But, once inside the toilets, which are usually locked and are set aside for traders only and need a special key which is apparently obtained from the cashiers in the supermarket on the same floor, the trader was suddenly confronted by two masked men.

According to the victim, both spoke with thick foreign accents and demanded that he hand over all the money he had on him.
However, the market trader tried to escape but one of the assailants slashed the victim's face with a sharp object and the market trader began losing a great deal of blood.

But, he was not giving in and began screaming and shouting for help and, in the middle of all the chaos and confusion, the two attackers decided to make a run for it.

Members of the National and Local Police were quickly on the scene and a 061 ambulance was also called for.
Paramedics treated the victim at the scene while scores of police mounted an immediate search of the area but they were too late and the two attackers had disappeared.

However, the search was continuing last night and police were able to talk to the trader who was in a state of shock and not sure whether he was struck in the face with a knife or another sharp object.

News of the attack in the market sent shock waves through market stalls and shoppers.
The incident happened at one of the busiest moments of the day for the market which is located right in the centre of the capital.
Police will continue with their investigation today with a host of eye witnesses still to quiz.
What is more, officers will begin trawling through the images captured by the market's extensive CCTV system.
Police are also interested into how the two assailants got their hands on the key to the toilets.
Extra police
Over the next few days there will be a much heavier presence of police on the beat in and around the market, some part of the investigation, others to increase security for traders and shoppers.