Palma.—The movement “we don't want to be the rubbish tip of Europe” announced yesterday that it has launched an international campaign to stop the importation of waste from the mainland and other parts of Europe for treatment at the Son Reus incinerator on the outskirts of Palma.

For the meantime, the Council of Majorca, which was behind the initiative, has paralysed the project on the grounds that in the end, it is not cost effective.

However, one shipment of waste has arrived from Sabadell on the mainland and opponents to the project want the Council of Majorca forced to halt the project for good.

The campaign will focus on a petition which is going to be posted on the web and social networks in various languages and volunteers will also be hitting the street to get the general public to sign the petition.

Balearic environmental group GOB said yesterday that the fact the Council of Majorca has already had to postpone the project suggests that it is flawed and that it was launched illegally without the necessary permission.

Gob claims that the excuse of the project not being financially viable is a poor one considering the time that was invested in getting it off the ground. “The whole reason for the project, according to the Council of Majorca, was to make money out of the incinerator during the winter in order to keep our incinerator bills down. So who did that math?” Gob said yesterday.