STAFF REPORTER POLLENSA town council is on the lookout for a place to transfer the boat yard workshops on the old wharf in the Port of Pollensa to another ground which is well removed from the protected archaeological site at Bóquer.

Back in 2005, the ruling Majorcan Socialist party PSM agreed to change the classification of the land on which the current boat yard and its workshops are located next to the roadway running around the port. The council now wants to move the light industrial site in accordance with the policy of Majorca's Territory Plan which aims to keep a tight grip on any construction and industrial development, and minimise urban expansion.

The town council is essentially looking at two options for alternative sites for the workshops, but they still have to be subject to debate. It is hoped that a decision will be made at the next council plenary session. Both options are on tracts of land where there is no risk to environmentally sensitive territory and where there will be no dispute over the classification of the ground, i.e whether it is registered as urban or rural. The first alternative known as the “northern option” is a 50'555 square metre plot of land on the left of the road running down to the wharf in Pollensa on the Gotmar country estate; whilst the “southern” alternative is on the right of the new port ring road by the Llenaire country estate.