STAFF REPORTER A JOINT report published yesterday by the Balearic National Health Service, Ib-Salut and the Kovacs Foundation - a medical group which specialises in the research of spinal disorders and back pain, confirmed that nearly 70 percent of those seeking treatment in the Islands are women.

Data showed that the average age for people requiring help from such conditions, and particularly intense back pain, is 52. The collaboration between Ib-Salut and the Kovacs Foundation has saved nearly 17'500 euros in treatment costs since it began a pilot scheme in 2002 and from 2004 onwards, help has been available at all health centres in the Islands where over 8'500 patients have been treated. Novel techniques for relief from pain have been labelled “NRT surgery” and involve- without anesthetic - acting on the nerve endings in the skin to block pain sensations, inflammation and muscular contraction. Over 90 percent of patients acknowledge that the technique reduces pain and near 45 percent claim it relieves them altogether of their back condition. The success of this Balearic joint venture has been recognised internationally in the specialist back injury magazine “Spine,” which also mentions the Global Forum for Back Pain research held in Palma in 2007, with the next edition planned for Harvard University in Boston.