STAFF REPORTER THE Balearic coalition government, headed by President Francesc Antich said yesterday that it will continue to hold the reins of power, despite yesterday's failure to win the cooperation of opposition parties in an “anti-crisis” pact.

Following the departure of the Majorcan Unionists from the coalition in the wake of a corruption scandal, Antich is now governing in a minority but has resisted calls to hold an early election, saying he will continue to “engage promptly” with all parties in the regional Parliament to ensure “political stability”.

Antoni Pastor, Parliamentary spokesman for the main opposition party, the Partido Popular (PP) said that the ruling coalition was “in no position” to guarantee political stability and that Antich's attempt to secure their support was nothing more than an “outdated lottery ticket”.

Meanwhile, Majorcan Unionist (UM) leader Josep Melia expressed surprise that President Antich had made it clear he didn't want UM in his government but was now happy to pact with the party in order to “confront the crisis”. Minister for the President's Office, Albert Moragues said that no other parties were able to offer better stability than the ruling coalition and that Antich's government would continue to operate in the Balearics according to regional law.