PLANS for Majorca's Casino to move from Calvia to the old Porto Pi cinema premises in Palma are being backed by the Unions because management claim that staffing levels will need to rise by 25 percent.

The Balearic branch of the Workers' Commission (CCOO) and the General Workers Union (UGT) have joined forces with the Casino's Works Committee in saying that the 600'000 euros which is being invested in giving the old cinema premises an overhaul ready to house the Casino, will have a positive knock-on effect in other commercial sectors.

In a statement, the Unions said that they gave their full backing to the decision taken last December by the regional Interior ministry to move the Casino. The ministry was satisfied that all the necessary paperwork had been completed by the Casino management and that there were no legal loopholes.

Due to the downturn in business in Calvia, the Unions claimed that it had become impossible to maintain full-time work for 140 staff and 10 contract workers for security and cleaning.

The Works Committee pointed out that the plans made for the Casino transfer to Palma are being echoed all over the country.
Apparently Casinos originally built away from city centres have already moved - or are in the process of moving - back into urban areas. “We've got to give the companies running the Casinos a chance to keep them as going concerns,” said a Works Committee representative.
Although in its heyday, the Casino in Calvia was a hive of gaming, dinner and dance and stage show activity, it increasingly opened its doors to sporting events such as the International Chess Olympics which were held there in 2004 and large conferences.