Palma.—”The Balearic government has no intention of purchasing rights to hold a Formula 1 championship on Majorca,” regional Minister for the President's Office, Antonio Gomez said yesterday. Gomez was speaking at a Parliamentary session after being asked by Majorca Socialist coalition MP Joana Lluïsa Mascaró about whether rumours over a Formula 1 championship on Majorca were in fact true.

Gomez said that the government had not at any time confirmed official interest in signing up to such an agreement but that it will look into any projects being put forward by the private sector which could be of benefit to the Islands.

The Minister was emphatic however, that not one euro of public money would be spent on ventures of a non essential kind. But Mascaro said that she had understood that the Mayor of Llucmajor, Joan Jaume, had expressed “satisfaction” over the possibility of Forumula 1 coming to Majorca and that significant figures from the racing world had said “negotiations” were taking place.

She said that the only people to gain financially from such a venture would be the organising private company.