Palma de Majorca.—The head of the Accident and Emergency department and two nursing supervisors at Son Espases hospital in Palma have resigned over cuts in the regional health service being imposed by the Balearic government.

Nursing union “Satse” has warned that hospitals are at “saturation” point with cuts meaning that there are fewer members of staff to cope with more patients.

Meanwhile, the Official Medical College in the Balearic Islands is urging its professional members to “rebel” against the cuts being imposed on the regional Health service by the Partido Popular government, claiming that the cutbacks are “disproportionate and indiscriminate.”.

Concern is also being expressed by doctors that there will be unforeseen consequences of restrictions on providing the regional community with the healthcare it needs.

Doctors, “united” in their opposition to the cuts, claimed that the public health service is experiencing what they described as an “unprecedented crisis situation” which requires a solution from the highest political level.

Doctors said that the cuts in funding to the health service are being used to change the terms and conditions of employment in the sector in an irreversible way. “The cuts go much deeper than the government's bid to save public money,” said a Medical College spokesman. “The people who will be most affected by a lower quality of health service,” he added, “are those least abe to defend themselves: the poor, the weak, the very elderly, and the underprivileged.”