Joan Collins SOME 120 taxi drivers on Majorca will attend courses for efficient driving which the Balearic Ministry of the Environment is organising to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. The techniques learned, when applied to normal driving, will allow a saving of up to 22 percent of fuel. The courses, which will also be given on Minorca and Ibiza in the next few months, are included in the initiative started by the Office of Climate Change last December, when it organised the same courses for Balearic Government chauffeurs, according to the head of the department, Patricia Conrado. She did not rule out the possibility that in the future the general public would be able to attend these courses. Conrado yesterday signed an agreement with the heads of the Majorcan Association of Unions of Taxi Drivers, the Group of Taxis and Tourist Cars First and the Balearic Association of Professional Women Taxi Drivers and Tourist Cars. However, all taxi drivers on the islands, whether they are members of an association or not, will be able to attend these courses. Also, the office will distribute leaflets in all the islands with 10 points of advice for more efficient driving, so that citizens will be aware that they can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by adapting their driving using these measures. According to calculations made by this department, adopting efficient driving habits (such as maintaining an even speed or stopping and starting in a better way) can save between 5 and 7 percent on fuel consumption in heavy traffic and between 17 and 22 percent when the traffic is flowing well. This will mean an annual saving per taxi driver of between 101 and 111 euros in the first case and up to 287 euros in the second, said Conrado.