Joan Collins A year and a half after the inauguration of a section of the Port de Pollensa ring road, the Council of Majorca has started the last part of this project which will bring the traffic out on the coast. The first section, which is now open to traffic, is made up of the stretch of road between Port de Pollensa and Formentor. Now the further project to divert traffic coming from the Alcudia road to the Port is on public display. In fact, the project had already been drawn up in 2001. However, the fact that changes have been introduced to modernise it has meant it has to go on public display once again. Due to this long delay in its execution the cost of the project has risen by 420'000 euros. Generally the road will follow the same route as in the last project with just a few changes. The new road will have two lanes of 3.5 metres each and four roundabouts to distribute the traffic to the area. With the modifications which have been introduced, the connection between Cami de Llenaire and the second roundabout has been smoothed out and the third roundabout has been moved nearer to the sea. This is to avoid affecting a residential area with many buildings. In the other, already opened, stretch of the ring road a service road was left out to avoid demolishing a house. To execute the works for this road it will be necessary to purchase compulsorily 17'621 square metres of ground. In addition, numerous services will be affected, such as electricity cables, telephone lines and public services. The amount of time given for the execution of the work is 12 months and the final price of the work is estimated at 4.2 million euros. The cost of the modifications to the affected services is estimated at 100'000 euros and the cost of the compulsory purchases 585'000.