MAJORCANS are being urged to drive like their northern European neighbours.
According to Francisco Lozano, who is in Majorca this week running “efficient driving courses” for members of the public administration that use cars or industrial vehicles on a daily basis, this “northern” style of driving saves fuel is better for the environment and reduces driver stress.

According to Lozano, who gave a demonstration of efficient driving to members of the media this week at the invitation of the Balearic Government, there are two styles of driving in Europe: the “northern” style and the “latin” style.

In Majorca, people drive using the latter style. This was characterised by Lozano as “more forced” using “bad habits” that results in stress, a higher noise level and higher costs of maintenance.

In the north of Europe, according to Lozano, people drive more softly.
The key to this latter style of driving, which can save up to 15 to 20 percent on fuel costs, said Lozano, is a lower level of revolutions. Lozano said that taxi drivers were particularly responsive to the course he ran, as small changes in their driving habits saved them up to 20 percent on fuel cost without reducing their daily fares.