PALMA TWO members of Jaume Matas' former Partido Popular government - Rosa Estarás and Rosa Puig - were in court in Palma yesterday to declare their knowledge of the funding of the construction of Palma's Arena and velodrome during the previous Balearic government. Costs rose from 48 to 110 million euros within just two years.

Rosa Estarás, current Euro MP for the Balearics and former number two in Balearic President Jaume Matas' Partido Popular (PP) government, said that Matas, a former Central Government Environment Minister, was the person most “involved” in the pace of construction of the velodrome, claiming it was he who took personal responsibility for decisions related to the development.

Matas, who currently lives in New York, is due to appear in court in March, to give his version of events.
Estarás' appearance in court lasted more than three hours.
She was questioned on the alleged “irregular” contracts which were provided to companies for the construction of the Arena and velodrome.
Separately, Rosa Puig, who was Minister for Sports and the President's Office during Matas' term of office told the court that she had “very little to do” with the building of the Arena which was undertaken between 2005 and 2007. Puig, who is currently a Partido Popular member for the Council of Majorca, said she was “glad of the opportunity” to make her position clear to the court in Via Alemania. “It was not the Sports ministry which built the velodrome,“ she declared.

Ex Tourism Minister, Joan Flaquer will be in court today to answer questions from the court on the Arena scandal.