Palma.—The met. office has been tracking a freezing front which hit the mainland yesterday, as the Bulletin reported yesterday, and yesterday Civil Protection and the Balearic government's Emergency centre placed the region on extreme weather alert for the weekend with the cold front due to move across the Balearics tomorrow night.

The emergency service has warned that they are braced for snow at sea level on Sunday and Monday and freezing over night temperatures which is going to make driving very dangerous, especially in the mountains where temperatures could fall below zero.

Yesterday, we may have enjoyed maximum temperatures of 18ºC in some parts, this cold snap is going to bring an end to the mild weather for the next few days. Civil protection and the Emergency Centre have advised all of the local councils to be prepared for heavy snow, torrential rain and gale force winds and have asked the general public to use their common sense until the alert is stood down.

Civil Protection is advising drivers to only go out if necessary and, if they do, to proceed with extreme care and precaution, make sure they have a full tank of fuel, warm clothes and the mobile is fully charged.

In the event of gale force winds, the public is advised to stay away from the coast, construction sites, trees and balconies. Shipping has also been warned to keep a close eye on the weather with ferry services expected to be disrupted.

And, the health service, with the number of ‘flu cases rising, has appealed for the general public to head to their local PAC, surgery, if they think they are suffering from ‘flu as opposed to rushing to A&E at their nearest hospital because they are blocking up the system.