Palma.—The Committee for the Development of Airline Routes at Son San Joan Airport and Spanish airport authority AENA has agreed on a new strategy to open new routes to the island during the winter season.

It was the previous Socialist Balearic government which created the committee in a bid to try and bypass AENA which was apparently always trying to block any new air routes from Palma airport.

However, now it appears that government has the Spanish airport authority on board in its bid to boost traffic and flight connections to existing and new destinations.

The Chamber of Commerce and the Council of Majorca is also supporting the joint venture which, to begin with is going to start working on opening new and more frequent routes to the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, central Europe and Russia.

The Committee also intends to work directly with the 24 airlines which use Palma airport and offer them incentives to fly to Palma.
For example, this year between January and March, passenger and security taxes have been reduced by 20 percent and the local government intends to introduce the tax cuts again from this November.

And, AENA, has agreed to reduce operating costs on new routes by as much as 50 percent during the winter.
Last year, Palma was connected to 170 different airports.
146 of those were European, mainly in the UK and Germany, 22 were in Spain and two were in North Africa.