Palma.—This time last year, hundreds of people protested outside the Palma courts during the Duke of Palma's court hearing and this Saturday, when the King of Spain's son-in-law makes his second court appearance, the police are expecting thousands of demonstrators to surround the court house on the Avenidas.

The royal consort, who has yet to be charged with any offenses in the investigation into alleged corruption and embezzlement, will be questioned in relation to three alleged cases of tax evasion this Saturday and at least two demonstrations have been planned for 8.30am and 9am outside the courts.

In order to maintain some order, nearly 200 members of the National Police are going to be on duty throughout the hearing.
Some will come from the Palma riot squad while others will also come over from Valencia, just as they have been doing during the massive Operation Kabul hearing with over 50 people implicated in drug related offenses.

The courts will also be cleared by sniffer dogs but before that, a specialist unit will search the sewage tunnels running under the court house for any explosive devices.

The Local Police will be in charge in controlling and, if necessary restricting traffic around the court house.
Some residents have complained about the chaos the operation is going to cause again while others with balconies over looking the court house have rented out their terraces to the scores of television companies which will be covering the event.

Scores of journalists and photographers from all across Spain and parts of Europe will also be arriving in Majorca today to cover the hearing.