BALEARIC ports dealt with 5'060 million passengers in 2005, 10.2 percent more than the previous year, thanks mainly to the arrival of 19.2 percent more visitors on cruise ships, according to figures published yesterday by the central Ministry for Public Works. In fact, 1'056'675 cruise passengers from 600 ships passed through the ports of the islands in 2005, some 11.3 percent more than in 2004 (67 more ships) more than the 6.95 percent average rise in the ports throughout Spain. The freight traffic passing through Balearic ports rose 10.64 in 2005, to more than 8.6 million tonnes. Also, a total of 10'436 merchant ships came to the islands, 9.3 percent more than in 2004. In total, the network of 46 public ports dealt with 440.76 million tonnes of cargo during 2005, which is a new record and a rise of 7.38 percent on 2004. Meanwhile, at the airport, Son Sant Joan dealt with 9'449 flights in January which was a rise of 1.4 percent in comparison with January 2005. In all, 803'563 passengers passed through the airport, which was a rise of 1.3 percent. Airports throughout Spain dealt with 162'606 flights in January, 4.6 percent more than 12 months before, while the number of passengers rose some 7.6 percent and went above 11.7 million. Of the total flights in January, 142'996 were commercial flights (6.9 percent more than in 2005), of which 79'850 were national (+9.6 percent) and 63'146 were international (+3.6 percent). As for freight, in January airports throughout Spain carried 45'312'116 kilogrammes, which represents a fall of 1.4 percent in comparison with January 2005. Of the total freight carried, 28'296'974 kilos (-2.7 percent) were to international destinations and 17'115'142 kilos were to national destinations (+0.7 percent).