By Tim Fanning

MEMBERS of the Democratic Party living in Spain have backed Barack Obama to be their candidate in this November's U.S. Presidential Election.
Obama polled 63.5 percent among Democratic voters resident in Spain in the Democrats' first ever global primary. Hillary Clinton, who is in the fight of her political life to rein back the Senator from Illinois, won 35 percent of the votes cast in Spain.

In total, 652 U.S. citizens resident in Spain voted, 414 for Obama and 228 for Clinton. The 10 remaining votes went to a handful of candidates who have since dropped out of the Democratic race.

Nicole Szulc Ginn, a resident of Majorca who voted in Barcelona on Super Tuesday, and is hoping to attend the Democratic Convention later this year as a delegate, was pleased with the turnout. She said the numbers reflected the hype surrounding this year's Democratic contest. U.S. citizens had the chance to vote in person in Barcelona and Madrid. They could also vote on the internet, by fax, or scan or post their vote.

The Spanish vote mirrored the result of the global primary with Obama winning 65.6 percent or 14'937 votes and Clinton winning 7'439 votes or 32.7 percent.

This gives Obama 2.5 delegate votes and Clinton 2 delegate votes at the Democratic National Convention. A further 2.5 votes will be decided at the Democrats Abroad Global Convention in Brussels in April and there are 4 Democrats Abroad superdelegate votes. Each of the 22 delegates from Democrats Abroad attending the Democratic National Convention will have half a vote.

Szulc Ginn, who was active in promoting the global primary in the Balearics, said she thinks the “Obama phenomenon is very exciting”. However, she added: “But at the same time I am very concerned the turn that this campaign is taking. I am afraid to say, particularly, on Mrs Clinton's part.” “Our main job is to get the Republicans out of the White House,” she added.