Palma.—Nearly a year to the day and the Duke of Palma, Iñaki Urdangarin will be back in a Palma court today to be questioned about alleged tax evasion as part of the on going investigation into his alleged involvement in the Caso Nóos corruption scandal.

Yesterday, the global media carried previews of today's hearing which 200 journalists and some 60 TV channels will be covering in the Majorcan capital where nearly 200 members of the national Police will be manning a ring of steel around the court house on the Avenidas.

Royal pressure “Investigation of Spanish Duke Draws Royals Into Scandal” ran the New York Times. “Princess Cristina (the King's of Spain's youngest daughter and the Duchess of Palma) of Spain may be named in corruption case,” claimed The Guardian.

Businessweek went with “Spain's Graft Scandals Reach Palace as King's Adviser Testifies” and the Huffington Post, for example, alleged “Spanish monarchy's popularity hits new low” which is why there is going to be a heavy police presence because of the feared backlash from the general public suffering from the recession, wage cuts and rising unemployment.

Urdangarin, 45, will appear before an investigating judge at 9.30 am this morning to answer more questions over allegations that he embezzled millions of euros after leveraging his connections to gain inflated, no-bid contracts from regional politicians for his nonprofit sports foundation, Instituto Nóos, and the tax evasion allegations.