Palma.—On February 27, the Kingfisher Group is going to create 60 new jobs on the island when it opens its first branch of Brico Depôt in front of IKEA.

Kingfisher's main retail brands are B&Q, Castorama, Brico Depôt, Screwfix and Koçtas. Kingfisher also has a 21% interest in, and strategic alliance with Hornbach, Germany's leading large format DIY retailer and is the market leader in most of the countries in which it operates, including China.

Here in Spain it has 19 branches of Brico Depôt, which is the British group's French arm, and the Palma super store will become its 20th in the country.

The new super store will cover an area of 7'545 square metres with 2'017 of those square metres being outside for construction material, and parking for 317 vehicles.