THE argument over which route the new Inca to Manacor railway line will follow through Petra has been resolved, but now work is underway, the town's traffic has been thrown into chaos. Petra's main access roads have been closed and the only way into the town is from Santa Margalida. Work on laying the new track is not expected to be completed until May and the local council has been forced to introduce a temporary traffic flow system. SFM Majorca Railway Company sources said yesterday that by the end of March the new second entrance to the town will have been opened up. Once the new bridge has been installed over Son Fogo road, it will be used as the second access road. However, the road closures have caused traffic chaos and little improvements can be expected until the bridge has been built. The Santa Margalida to Petra road has become a bottle-neck for cars, lorries and cyclists and the new traffic system has caused a great deal of confusion which has done little to please the local community. The new Inca to Manacor line has been set back by arguments over the route the new railway would follow through Petra and initial plans led to massive demonstrations by local residents, some who even tried to block the heavy machinery the day it rolled in to Petra to start work. Even a referendum was held with the public over whelmingly voting against the proposed plan, but the local council refused to honour the results.
Now however, within three months, the project should be completed and the new link to Manacor open this year.