THE Office for Climate Change yesterday opened an office in Palma where private citizens and businesses can enquire about energy saving and global warming. The office is committed to answering these questions within a maximum of 72 hours if it is not possible to do so immediately.
The Balearic Minister for the Environment, Jaume Font, inaugurated the premises. He was accompanied by the deputy leader of the Balearic Government, Rosa Estaras, and the director general for Climate Change, Patricia Conrado. Font said that the office is “another step” in the Office's policy of reducing energy consumption which would contribute to compliance with the Kyoto agreement. Conrado's department has eight workers dedicated to collecting information about atmospheric contamination and measures to minimise its effects and to informing citizens and businesses about general questions such as the greenhouse effect, “domestic policies” of energy saving or public grants for the development of sources of renewable energy. In addition to the new office, the department has a website ( which offers information about subjects such as “efficient driving” and energy saving for householders and small businesses.