Staff Reporter

THE owner of the restaurant in Santa Catalina that was held up by two armed men during the week has decided to withdraw his offer of a 10'000 euro reward for information leading to their arrest and conviction.

Olaf Olsson said that he had made the decision to offer the reward in the heat of the moment when he was feeling very angry but had changed his mind after reflecting on the matter.

The robbery took place on Monday night when two masked men armed with a knife and a handgun entered Olsson's Garlic and Shots on the Calle Contoner.
Olsson's girlfriend, Stephanie Jahn, was sitting alone at the bar of the restaurant when raiders burst in, one of them pushing her to the ground and putting a gun to her head, while the other one took the money from the till. Olaf was upstairs changing out of his chef's uniform during the terrifying incident.

After the story initially appeared in the Bulletin, a number of private detectives got in touch expressing interest in the case, according to Olsson. “We want to forget this right away and try to get back to normality,” said Olsson.
Asked had the attack led him to take precautions, Olaf replied, “I'm going to try to change as little as possible but it's been a very bad experience.” “I'm not happy when someone's left alone in the bar, but you've got to control yourself. I can't have my employees going around with shotguns under their arms. My customers want a relaxed atmosphere.” Stephanie meanwhile is recovering from her ordeal. “After what happened she was very bad, but she's a strong woman. She doesn't want to be taking time off, she'd prefer to be here with me running the business.” Olsson said this was the first time anything like this had happened to him despite spending many years working in the restaurant business.