THE Spanish Airports Authority (AENA) said yesterday it had received requests from airlines to increase their aircraft schedule in Palma by 10 percent more than the levels which were operating in 2009.

AENA's President, Juan Ignacio Lema was speaking yesterday in Palma at an event organised by the Balearic Hotel Federation (ACH).
In more detail, Lema said that demand was up by 22 percent on Ibiza, 10.6 percent on Minorca and 7.6 percent in Palma. The figures he said, are a direct result of the tourist industry picking up this year. Responding to questions from ACH members, Lema said with reference to Majorca, it was the German and Spanish mainland markets which were expanding the air transport business.

Lema said that the new passenger “hub” being built at Palma airport will make air travel “easier” for passengers to interconnect from one flight to another. It will also, he said, be key to increasing the attractiveness of Palma either as a final destination or as a stop-off on the way to another European destination.

The hub, he said, is due to start being fully functional at the start of May this year.