THE ruling Partido Popular in the Balearics has put forward a motion that regional Parliament unanimously support the central government anti-terrorist pact, thereby rejecting the truce declared by the Basque Separatist group ETA in Catalonia. The anti-terrorist pact condemns any type of negotiation with (amongst others) the Basque terrorist band and the formation of regional or state governments who “consort” with the terrorists. The motion follows on the heels of the outlawed Basque separatist group ETA calling a truce limited to the Spanish region of Catalonia last week in a shock move amid a general election campaign obsessed with Spain's territorial unity. The ETA announcement comes in the wake of a political scandal that erupted after a leftist Catalan nationalist politician, Josep-Lluis Carod-Rovira, admitted he had met leaders of ETA in January. Carod was then forced to resign as the number two official in the Catalan government led by Pascual Maragall. Spokesman for the Popular Party in the Balearic Parliament, Joan Huguet, enlarged on the contents of the anti-terrorist proposal. “The Parliament of the Balearic Islands” said Huguet yesterday “is duty bound to comment on the meeting that Carod-Rovira has held with ETA and the consequences of the accord”. The spokesman confirmed that his party “seeks unanimous rejection” of the truce from all democratically elected parties. The first point of the proposition, which will be debated by a Parliamentary committee, stipulates the complete rejection of “all and every one of the points contained in the declaration made by the terrorist group ETA on 18 February last, relating to the cessation of terrorist activity, with the region of Catalonia only”. The Popular Party are also asking that the Balearic Parliament condemn “representatives of whatever political party establishing contacts, negotitions, bargains and pacts” with ETA if they (the terrorists) have not first committed to the cessation of violent activity”. The third point demands refusal to acknowledge that any Institution that consorts with terrorism has the right to form part of central government, whether it be at a national or regional level”. If the motion is unanimously passed, and if the truce between the Basque Country and Catalonia is maintained, it will mean that the Balearic regional government will reject the authority of its counterpart in Catalonia for “consorting with terrorists”.