Joan Collins PALMA council yesterday made public their documentary video Monumental Palma, which describes Palma from the historical and heritage point of view. This 20 minute film will be shown to tourists and residents who take guided cultural tours organised by the council. This documentary was presented yesterday by the councillor for Tourism, Francisca Bennassar. Also present were: the councillor for Culture, Rogelio Araujo; the President of Inestur, Carlos Piza; and the President of the Majorca Tourist Guides School, Biel Moya. Bennassar said that the initiative, which had a budget of 30'000 euros, “tries to make tourist visits a bit different, giving them a touch of quality and culture”. She also remarked that the video would be available in four different languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and German. The documentary, which is 20 minutes long, is complementary to the guided tour called Palma Monumental. This consists of a walk through the historic centre with visits to 19 different points of interest in the town. It starts at the Palma city hall and ends in Es Baluard de Sant Pere. The video will be shown during the tour, on which the tourists can see emblematic buildings like Can Bordils, the Estudio General Luliano, the Almudaina or the Cathedral. It will be shown in Ses Voltes (Parc de la Mar) and is a brief description of all the historic monuments of Palma. The documentary guide, produced by the historians Aina Pascual and Jaume Llabres, follows a chronological order from the foundation of the city by the Romans to the present day. It offers a general view of the monuments which will allow tourists to deepen their knowledge of the town later if they wish to do so, said Bennassar. Llabres remarked that the video is useful because it can show the greater number of attractions in the city. This is because “the historic centre of Palma is very extensive” and there are also “interesting monuments like Bellver Castle which are outside the centre”. Llabres explained that the historical explanations in the video are supported by commentaries from noted investigators such as Maite Orfila, Professor of Archeology, or Guillem Rosello, Doctor of Arab Studies. The councillor for Tourism announced that Palma council expects this Spring to start a new tourist itinerary. It is hoped that this initiative, under the title “Tradition and Modernity: the historic trade of Palma”, will help to showcase and hopefully revitalise the Sa Gerreria craft area.