THE man whose body was found in a tunnel under the city wall at the Parque del Mar in Palma at the weekend was not murdered.
Experts from the National Police returned to the spot where the mummified body was discovered by a group of youths in the early hours of Saturday morning to try to find some clue as to how the man met his death.

They now believe the man who is believed to have been in his thirties may have been living rough.
The forensics team say the body had only one tooth. It is thought that the deceased could have died some time last summer.
The body was discovered by five young people in a vaulted chamber in the tunnel dressed only in red bermuda shorts and lying on a blue T-shirt.
Another line of inquiry - that the deceased was a heroin addict - has also been ruled out as there were no marks on his arm consistent with a hypodermic needle.

The man's watch, a black digital Casio, was still working when the body was discovered. The police are still trying to confirm the man's identity.