THREE youths attacked a couple and their baby daughter in Calle Joan Miró in Palma yesterday, robbing them of two purses and fleeing the scene.
The delinquents had apparently forced the couple to hand over their valuables - cash and documentation - after placing a knife against the neck of the child aged just a year-and-a-half. They apparently made their getaway in a red car.

The father sought the help of police officers and both the Local and National Police set off in hot pursuit of the culprits.
A description of the attackers was put out by radio as there were already a network of police controls and checkpoints set up in anticipation of this week's European Union Defence Ministers' summit in Palma.

The victims said it would seem that all three youths were under-age, the oldest - they claimed - could have been no more than 14 years of age.
Because of shock, other details of the scene of the crime were scant, including lack of knowledge of the type of vehicle used for the getaway.