TWO people were hurt in a drive by attack along the Avenidas in the centre of Palma late on Thursday night.
According to the National Police, the incident was a settling of scores and occurred at 11.30pm when the victim was walking home near Calle Sindicato.
Three men suddenly blocked his path with their car, piled out and attacked the individual. A host of eye witness and local residents rushed to the victim's aid and, according to police sources, some of them were also hurt in the scuffle, one seriously.

Another person suffered minor injuries when she was knocked down by the trio as they drove away from the scene.
The emergency services, the Local Police rapid reaction unit and the National Police were at the scene within minutes.

The two most seriously injured men were taken to Son Espases Hospital while paramedics attended others for minor injuries at the scene.
Dozens of eye witnesses were able to provide police with vital information including in-depth physical descriptions of the three men, the car they were driving and even the vehicle's number plate. What is more, the attack may have been captured on the CCTV cameras along the Avenidas.