Palma.—The Duke of Palma Iñaki Urdangarin, pictured above, will not be questioned again by the judge investigating claims that six million euros of public money was allegedly embezzled through the Noos Foundation which the Duke and business partner Diego Torres once presided over.

Urdangarin, the King´s son-in-law, appeared in court in Palma on Saturday in which he denied any wrong doing and also dismissed claims that the royal household was in some ways connected with the Noos Foundation which organised sporting events for the governments of the Balearics and Valencia. Also, it now appears highly unlikely that the Duke´s wife, the King´s youngest daughter the Infanta Cristina, will be questioned by the judge in connection with the affair.

In a four hour cross-examination on Saturday in Palma, the Duke of Palma fought his corner.
In a statement before the judge's questioning, Urdangarin, 45, distanced the royal house from the foundation's business. “The royal house had no opinion, didn't advise on, authorise or back any activities for which I was responsible at the Noos Foundation,” he said, according to sources in the courtroom. “On the contrary, when the accusations arose, the royal house recommended I ceased any activity not considered appropriate for my institutional status, which I did.” He told reporters as he left court in Palma that proceedings had gone well.
The judge and his team will now start looking through all the court papers including the Duke´s testimony and decide what future action they will take.

The fact that they do not expect to have to call the Duke again is a clear sign that their investigation is advancing.