THE Guardia Civil yesterday launched an investigation in to a Palma Nova explosion which damaged three vehicles and initially sparked a major security alert. The 10.15 am blast was caused by a petrol bomb placed in one the vehicles in a car park on Avenida cas Saboners. Fortunately no one was injured in the explosion but extensive damage was done to the three vehicles and police are trying to discover who planted the explosive devise. Local Police and the Guardia Civil were at the scene within minutes and the whole area was cordoned off while the bomb squad arrived and combed the area in case of another devise. The car park was that of an apartment block, 85% full of holidaymakers. It appears that the petrol bomb, attached to a long fuse of sorts, was planted in a Hyundai Couple, the fuse was lit and the individual fled the scene. Members of the bomb squad, who along with police remained at the scene for four hours, recovered remains of the petrol can, but police found no clues as to who exploded the petrol bomb which caused over 3.000 euros worth of damage to the Hyundai, a Golf and a Renault Twingo. A full investigation has been mounted and police said last night they could be dealing with an act of revenge.