Staff Reporter THE controversial Secretary General of Catalonia's Republican Left (ERC), Josep-Lluís Carod Rovira, will be presenting his two latest books in Palma this coming Friday. Jaume Matas, leader of the Balearic government has declared that Carod Rovira is not welcome on the Islands following the Secretary's recent negotiations with the outlawed Basque terrorist band, ETA. The result of the clandestine meeting was the calling of a truce limited to the Spanish region of Catalonia, which came in a shock move last week amid a general election campaign obsessed with Spain's territorial unity. Carod was then forced to resign as the number two official in the Catalan government led by Pascual Maragall. Central government is encouraging solidarity amongst other regions of Spain through membership of an “anti-terrorist” pact. Those who belong must refuse to acknowledge the authority of political groups who have consorted with terrorists. The Secretary's book presentation is being made in the context of a week celebrating literature written in Catalan, an exhibition designed to focus on regional language in the Balearics. Sources confirm that Carod Rovira, who will also be officiating on party business on the Islands connected with the coming elections, will be presenting “La nova Catalunya” and “El futur a les mans” at 7pm. The event's organisers were confident that “although there are conflicting political views about the promotion of regional language in the Balearics” the exhibition intends to provide a platform for “reflection, the assertion of linguistic heritage, open debate and individual expression of ideas”. The 15th “Catalan Book Week” will be held between Friday, 27th February and 8th March, and an inaugural literary speech will be given by Biel Mesquida. The exhibition area will cover an area of 1'100 square metres in the Balearic Trade Fair ground in Palma. Apart from the exhibition itself, there will be a number of other activities running parallel to the event such as children's drawing workshops, debates on means of communication, language and identity. The Book Week is promoted by the Council of Majorca, the Balearic government and the Majorcan Bookseller's Guild.