THE Palma city council plans to start the demolition of the military flats at the Baluard des Princep in the old city walls at the end of this year, probably in November. The tenants, 44 families, have accepted the purchase of flats which are being constructed for them on the Levante industrial estate, at a cost of 81'000 euros each, according to sources at the Palma council's Department of Housing. They said that the 42'070 which each family had already received would be deducted from the 81'000. This money was paid to those who stayed in the building to compensate them for the compulsory purchase of the building. The council said that the tenants of those flats and others in the area who have had to move out (in total 106, although only 44 are still occupied) were offered three options: buy a flat on the Levante industrial estate; reject the rehousing; make their own arrangements. The sources confirmed that in all cases corresponding compensation was given. During the negotiations, none of the families affected chose the option of renting the flats on the Levante industrial estate, in spite of the fact that the rent they currently pay at Es Baluard would be maintained. The council is confident that the work on the first phase of these flats, in which 48 will be constructed (the second phase will take the number to 92), will be finished in August, so that the rehousing of the Baluard tenants can be carried out in the following three months.