Joan Collins THE national Minister of Public Works, Magdalena Alvarez, yesterday told the Senate that the incorporation of the autonomous regions and local entities into the management of Spanish airports will be put into effect before the end of this term of office (March 2007). “As soon as possible, and in any case during this Parliament, the autonomous administrations and other local entities will be able to participate in the management of the airport network. “This is at present managed by the national Ministry of Public Works through AENA” (the Spanish Airports and Aerial Navigation service), she confirmed during the meeting in the upper house. Alvarez said that, before putting this measure in place, the Ministry has to analyse all the angles to find the best solution. “We are considering different alternatives”, confirmed the Minister. She also said that “the complexity of the subject makes it essential to analyse every point of view and come up with the best solution”. The Senator for the Canary Islands, Ricardo Melchior Navarro, asked a question about the Government's envisaged date for this change. In her reply Alvarez said that “the participation in the management of the airports has to guarantee three things: the operation of the airport network; a better aerial navigation and guaranteed control of the same; and the advance towards the acquisition of a single airspace”. The Senator reproached the Minister that this measure was not already in place. He reminded her that on March 15 2005 she said that it would take place “as rapidly as possible”. Also, he asked for an assurance that it would be put in place before the end of 2006 and not at the end of this Parliament. His reason for asking for this was, he said, that, if it is left until the end of this Parliament, the measure will have taken three years from its approval to its implementation.