PREPARATIONS were being made yesterday for strikes at hospitals in certain parts of the Balearic Islands, with the Minorcan delegate of a national medical staff union describing the work to rule conditions demanded by the Balearic government in preparation for stoppages on 3rd, 4th, 13th and 25th March, as “acceptable.” Alejandro Fernández was speaking at a union meeting held at the Mateu Orfila hospital in Mahón. The Balearic health administration, IB-Salut, had acted as a “go-between” for the government, to ensure that on the days when strikes were planned, that emergency services would be in place rather as they are on Sundays and Public Holidays. Although no consulting appointments would be granted or routine surgery carried out, there would be specialists on call in the event of a life-threatening situation arising. “I'm satisfied that the government isn't “nit picking” over emergency arrangements,” said Fernández. He urged medical staff to support the strike for better pay and working conditions. “Our enemy is apathy,” he said.