HOUSEHOLDERS in the south west of Majorca have been warned to be on their guard against bogus gas engineers who are targeting the area.
Several home owners have reported being approached by men who claim to represent a reputable gas company and demand cash for work which they say is needed to service or check boilers.

However, the rogue traders are crooks attempting to swindle cash payments up front for work which they never return to complete.
Peguera pensioners Jeannie and Roger Marer were confronted by men who demanded 80 euros to check the boiler in their home. The couple paid the money but later discovered that the workmen were not connected to the company they claimed to represent. They were approached a second time and asked to give details of their passports, but called the Guardia Civil, who unfortunately, failed to act. “The man lodged his foot in the door. It was quite frightening,” said Jeannie. “The officers said it was a civil matter and there was nothing they could do. The Guardia Civil couldn't be bothered even though we were able to give a description of the men. We just want people to be on their guard and not give any money to these crooks.” A similar scam was attempted on a couple near Andratx who were quoted 1'500 euros for supposedly essential work on their heating system. However, they failed to return when the householder demanded a written quotation for any work.