TWO dockers were injured when a giant crane fell on a cargo boat belonging to Iscomar, moored in the old docks.
The accident occurred at around 9am, when the crane, ten metres high and capable of carrying a load of 35 tons, fell towards the sea, knocking the two workers into the water. They were rescued and rushed to hospital by ambulance, with bruising and symptoms of hypothermia, but were discharged shortly afterwards.
It was the Port police who called the ambulance service, the fire brigade and the Guardia Civil, who cordoned off the area, to prevent further accidents involving the crane which, according to dockers, is very old. The Port Authority has called for labour inspectors to investigate the cause of the accident, which appears to have been caused by mechanical failure.
According to Iscomar sources, the crane collapsed on to the deck of the Benijofar, which had arrived from Barcelona at 8am. Dockers were unloading the containers when part of the crane, the base of which was on the dock, fell on the ship, and another part fell into the sea. Some containers were damaged as were the railings of the boat, which was carrying vehicles in the holds and containers on the decks. Initial inspections have shown no structural damage and the ship is fit to sail.