By Humphrey Carter

THE spokesperson for the opposition Partido Popular on the Council of Majorca, Jaume Font, yesterday said that talk of the PP tabling a motion of no confidence is premature.

Since the Majorcan Unionist Party's members of government, Palma City Council and the Council of Majorca were expelled from the coalition government for its alleged involvement in a number of corruption scandals, the PP - which was the most voted single party at the last elections - is now in a position of holding a majority in all three institutions, but Font repeated yesterday that his party is “in no rush to return to government”.

He also admitted that, in principle, the PP is not even preparing a motion of no confidence in the Socialist leader of the Council of Majorca, Francina Armengol.

Font explained that he and his party's plan, for the time being, is to govern in opposition and, providing that continues to work and policies can be pushed forward, he considers there no need to overthrow Armengol before the next elections in just over a year's time.

The situation on Palma City Council does, however, continue to be very tense but Font said that none of the Majorcan Unionist Party had given its backing to a PP motion of no confidence, so the opposition does not have the political support it needs to make such a move and oust the Socialist Mayor, Aina Calvo.

Ironically, the PP does not even have the guaranteed vote of the former PP Mayor of Palma Catalina Cirer yet.
The PP is not expected to table any motions of no confidence in either Palma City Council or the Council of Majorca until after its regional annual congress on March 6.

But, it is understood that should President Antich suspect the PP are poised to table a vote of no confidence in Parliament, which needs no prior warning or preparation, he will call a snap election.

However, the PP yesterday called on Antich to call a vote of confidence instead of early elections.
Antich nevertheless does not intend to do either and the spokesperson for the PSOE Balearic Socialist Party, Antoni Dieguez, said yesterday that the President is confident of being able to continue governing in a minority with cross party support.