Joan Collins IT has been the wettest February in Palma in the last ten years, with rainfall at Son Sant Joan airport and Portopi doubling the average for the month. Rainfall in Portopi was 68 litres per square metre, 106 per cent more than the average for this month, while at the airport, 68 litres is a 134 per cent increase on its average. Other areas have also seen heavier rainfall, but not quite to the same extent. In Sa Canova (Sa Pobla), for example, it was 85 per cent higher, and in Lluc, 25 per cent. The E Civil Protection Board yesterday issued a warning of the risk of very high winds. Winds gusting up to 80 kilometres per hour are expected in the Balearics, while the Canaries will fare worse with winds predicted to blow between 90 and 120 kilometres per hour in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Yesterday strong winds of up to 80 kilometres per hour forced the cancellation of some sailings from the Ports in the Balearics, which remained open in spite of the bad weather, according to Port Authority sources. The bad weather over the weekend battered the islands with winds of nearly 80 kilometres per hour. However, the Palma and Majorca Fire Brigades said that they had not been called to any incidents resulting from the bad weather. The worst areas for rain were: Lluc where 39 litres per square metre of rain was recorded; Alfabia which had 30 litres per square metre (and winds gusting up to 77 kph); Minorca airport with 25 litres; the Port of Pollensa with 19 litres; Palma airport (15 litres); Ibiza airport and Porto Pi (both with 13 litres); Porreres and Sa Canova in Sa Pobla (both with 12 litres); and Capdepera (with winds of up to 77kph) and Portocolom (both with 8 litres). Sources from the Balearic Meteorological Centre also said that there was constant snow above 850 metres.