Humphrey Carter

A 71-year-old German woman was being treated for stab wounds in a Palma hospital last night after she was attacked by her mentally ill son.
According to the emergency services, 34-year-old Leandro L.M. suffered a schizophrenic attack at the home he shares with his mother, Olga, and his father, Juan.

According to sources close to the investigation, this is not the first time Leandro has shown signs of violence and just before midday, apparently attacked his mother.

She suffered three stab wounds.
The first Local Police at the scene had to restrain the 34-year-old before being handcuffed and held in a Local Police van until the National Police arrived to take over the case.

His mother was stabilised at the scene before being rushed to Son Llatzer hospital accompanied by husband Juan.
Medical sources said that her condition was not serious and that she was stable.
The incident caused a great deal of alarm in the neighbourhood where residents said that the police have apparently been called to the family's apartment on at least three previous occasions over the past few months.

Last night, Olga was said to have been in stable condition, responding well to treatment, but under observation. Hospital sources stressed that her life was in no danger.

Concerned neighbours, close friends of the family, spoke of how the 34-year-old needs specialist care. “He should be in a special centre and not living at home,” one neighbour said.
Leandro has apparently shown signs of violence towards the neighbours as well as his parents in the past.
His father Juan looked deeply concerned as he accompanied his wife to hospital.
Leandro was taken to the National Police headquarters in Palma. A full investigation has been opened.