Staff Reporter

IBIZA, specialised care in Minorca and the Son Llatzer hospital in Palma were the worst hit be yesterday's first day of a rolling doctors' strike.
The health service Ib-Salut and the Sindicato Medico (Doctors' Union) had very different estimates as to the extent of yesterday's strike. Luis Alegre of Ib-Salut estimated support for the strike at 31.7 percent. But the union put the figure at more than twice that figure, 79.45 percent.

Alegre said the health service was not counting in its figures doctors that were providing a minimum service, which could have contributed to the difference in the two sets of figures. He added that if specialists providing minimum services was counted in the health service figures, it would rise to 59 percent, a figure still a long way off that of the union.

The following breakdown was provided by Ib-Salut for the percentage of medical staff supporting the strike: Son Dureta (30.8 percent), Son Llatzer (41 percent), Manacor (19 percent), Inca (35 percent), primary care in Majorca (39 percent), Gesma (12 percent), primary care in Ibiza (45 percent), specialised care in Ibiza (23.9 percent), primary care in Minorca (8 percent) and specialised care in Minorca (42 percent).

Alegre said the impact of the strike varied. In Son Dureta in Palma, the ambulance centre was operating at 100 percent, while Pavillion K, where the majority of emergency patients are treated, was operating at 65 percent.

The strike affected 45 percent of surgical operations in the same hospital. In Ibiza, 64 to 66 percent of operations were affected, while in Manacor the strike affected 23 percent of operations.

Alegre said that Ib-Salut was “always open to dialogue” to resolve the pay issue and had made “significant” offers to the union.