THE councillor for Town Planning in Inca, Bartomeu Segui, will not have to demolish the illegal chalet which he has in Alcudia as, according to the report by technical experts from the Council of Majorca, the time allowed for the correction of this transgression has expired. Nevertheless, the experts are proposing to the Council of Majorca's Commission for Town Planning and Heritage, who are meeting tomorrow, that they give an order to Gesa to cut off the electricity in addition to explicitly forbidding Bartomeu Segui to occupy the building. The illegal chalet, which Segui had constructed in the Alcanada area of Alcudia, in a finca known as the Gerras property, is, according to the expert report of the Council of Majorca, on a legal site. However, they say it was built without planning permission so it cannot have services such as electricity or an official document of habitation and so consequently cannot be occupied. This is established in the document which says “We order Bartomeu Segui Prat, by the authority of article 58.1 of the Law 10/1990 of October 23 of Urban Discipline, that he immediately ceases the occupation of this house”. The spokesman for the Majorcan National Socialist Party (PSM) on the Council of Majorca interpreted the expert report as “the confirmation that Bartomeu Segui lied to the Provincial Commission for Town Planning and to the council of Alcudia”. He saw this as a fact which was “serious” for one who says politicians should be responsable.
The PSM's spokesman was the one who denounced this urban transgression to the Council of Majorca, after which a newspaper publicly denounced the irregularities committed during the construction of the chalet in 1988.