THE winter sales do not appear to have lifted the doom and gloom on Majorca's high streets.
The latest retail sector report published by the Pimeco small to medium sized business association yesterday, reveals that 73 percent of Majorca's shop keepers - seven out of every ten - claim that last month's takings were well down on February last year.

However, Palma's retail sector appears to have faired better than shops in non-metropolitan areas. 58 percent of Palma shop keepers have been hit by a down turn in takings while outside of the capital, the figure is as high as 88 percent.

Across the island, only 27 percent of retailers said that takings for February were on par with the same period last year.
And, the winter sales appear to have failed to have boosted consumer confidence.
Pimeco reports that 82 percent of the Majorcan retail sector claim that February's takings were even worse than during January.