PALMA BALEARIC Farmers' Union, Asaja reported yesterday that the heavy rains over the past few months have destroyed 40 percent of Majorca's valuable potato crop.

Such was the concern of local growers that Agricultural Minister, Merce Amer was invited to see the damage for herself.
The biggest market for Majorcan potatoes is the United Kingdom, but the storms, snow and torrential rain have not only wiped out acres of potatoes but also delayed the winter harvest and the winter planting of the new crop which means that the forthcoming harvest will be later than usual forcing overseas clients to seek alternative supplies. Majorcan farmers are facing a serious dilemma after months of severe weather and are furious with the local government over its agricultural policies and its apparent lack of concern for their well-being.

This morning, farmers will stage their weekly Friday protest in Palma - last week nearly seven tons of fresh local produce was handed out for free to increase the public's awareness of their struggle - and hundreds of farmers are expected to drive on Palma in May as part of an island wide tractor protest.

Farmers claims that they have been promised millions in aid and compensation but they have received nothing with many now facing bankruptcy.