LEADING supermarkets in the Balearics will this week offer chicken a lower prices than usual with the aim of stopping the fall in sales which poultry has suffered as a consequence of public concern over bird flu. In fact, Eroski Center/Syp, with 130 supermarkets on the islands (122 of their own and 8 franchises), will offer chicken for between one and three euros as part of a wider promotion, and whole chickens (cleaned) for 2.58 euros a kilo. For their part Mercadona, with 27 supermarkets, will offer it for 1.84 euros per kilo; and Caprabo, with 32 centres, will be most expensive at 4.95 euros a kilo for chicken breast, a price which will be in place until at least March 9. As already announced last week by the Balearic Interprofessional Organisation of Chicken Breeders, the Balearics is the autonomous regions which has suffered the most “significant” fall in chicken sales.