PALMA will be hosting the 29th annual assembly of Spain's masonic lodges this weekend, at which a new Grand Master will be elected.
The event will see between 120 and 130 lodge masters coming from all over Spain to divide their support for the present Grand Master, Jose Carretero and a “much younger” newcomer. The meeting will take place behind closed doors in the Convention Centre of the Melia Victoria hotel in Palma.

The organisation, the origins of which are lost in the mists of time, is expected to use the occasion to debate its place in the 21st century. The Masonic election is the first in 27 years to be held outside Madrid and is seen as an important move to give its work a wider public profile.

Carretero was officially presenting the summit meeting yesterday, together with his deputy, Ramon Viñals and the Balearic Provincial Grand Master, Albert Torcal.

Carretero embraced what he described as the “worthiness” of his younger rival and said that one of the major tasks of his 4-year tenure as Grand Master had been to reinforce and uphold Masonic texts which allude to “participation” by members and “accountability.” He explained that this was the first occasion when all the different districts of the country could vote, not just the larger provinces - something which exemplifies the meaning of “participation” - said Carretero.

The Grand Master said that elections would also be held to vote in a new Treasurer and a Speaker.