Palma.—After one of the driest and coldest winters for 40 years, we are in for a warmer than usual Spring, the Director of the Balearic Meteorological Office, Agusti Jansa, announced yesterday.

On average, the winter temperatures were 1.2ºC below normal however, during February, average temperatures were 3.5ºC below the norm, hence why it was a record cold month.

But, with early tourists already enjoying the Spring-like weather this week with temperatures in some south western parts of the island reaching 22ºC or more, Jansa said Spring is going to be hotter than usual. Average Spring temperatures in the Balearics are going to be at least 1ºC higher than usual, but there will be peak periods when the increase could be much higher.

Jansa said that while the winter has been unusually dry for the country as a whole, there is little chance of a drought here in the Balearics. Rainfall was around about a third less than usual but on the mainland, some areas are facing serious problems with only 25 percent of the winter rainfall having fallen.

The medical services also reported a marked decline on ‘flu cases thanks to the improvement in the weather this week.