MANACOR RESIDENTS living in the Pas Dels Jardins suburb of Manacor have once again officially complained to the town council about a neighbour who is allegedly building separate living accommodation on a communal terrace.

The residents have asked the Town Planning department to call a halt to the works, arrange for demolition of the building and ask an explanation from the person responsible.

The structure is reportedly being illegally converted into a self-sufficient property with running water and electricity.
As a result of the works, a 90-year-old neighbour has become virtually imprisoned in her own home.
One disgruntled resident said yesterday that Town Planning Councillor, Bernat Amer, should take a look for himself at just what is going on and “see if he would like the same thing going on in his own back yard.” Manacor Council meanwhile, have indeed called a halt to the works and are fining the owner who appears to be taking no notice of the sanctions. The properties at Pas dels Jardins are classified as being on common ground.