JAVIER Rodriguez de Santos, the deputy mayor of the city planning department, has confirmed that construction work on the Convention Centre will begin in the second half of April.

He added that the work would begin once work had finished on extending Calle Manual Azaña to the Llevant motorway. De Santos recalled that the remodelling works started on March 5 with the positioning of a fence some 2'000 metres long.

The total area of the sea front is 403'554 square metres, and the project includes the construction of the Convention Centre, a hotel and a car park, the contract for which was awarded on February 19 to a syndicate of companies led by Barcelo.

The councillor said that the Ifebal building would be demolished shortly. Finally, he confirmed that during the last week of April the panel will meet to choose the winning project in the competition run by Palma council for ideas for the design of the future Interpretation Centre in the old part of the city. Once the winning project has been chosen, the council will call a meeting of the Quality Commission for the sea front so that they can approve the project and work can be started.