ARTA THE owners of the “es Canons” country estate on the coast of Arta approached the Balearic High Court yesterday, demanding that the Balearic government pay them the 4.8 million euros to which they are entitled after an Environment ministry U-turn on building development plans.

Proprietors Cala Veya SL pointed out that it was in October last year when the Court had agreed that the Environment ministry had taken too long to settle the original demand for compensation. So as well as the original amount, the government was now facing a bill for almost another one million euros by way of settlement for the delay.

The case goes back almost 20 years when Arta town council had given the go ahead for residential and touristic development on around 67 hectares of land at “es Canons.” However, the Socialist coalition government in power from 1999 to 2003 had reclassified the land as specially protected rural territory, destroying any chance of building.

In 2005, the Balearic High Court said that the government should compensate the proprietors.
Meanwhile, Cala Veya SL has also said that in order to force the government to pay what is due, the Balearic High Court should start fining Minister Gabriel Vicenç personally, in very much the same way as the Court did with the Mayor of Manacor Antoni Pastor for not complying with an order to destroy the Riuet bridge in Porto Cristo.

Lawyers for the proprietors furthered that they will be looking at whether the Court can also start labelling the Environment ministry as “criminal” for having ignored the sentence of the Balearic Tribunal.

The proprietors claim that their not having received compensation has meant that they are on the point of bankruptcy.